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A Non-Captain Disco Update

Although Captain Disco is happily consuming all my time that is not working or napping. I surprisingly have a couple great ideas that are slowly being worked on.

First up is a story that Mr. Simmons (my writing pal and all around awesome dude) came up with while taking of a piss. The story is a superhero comicbook. Where the main hero, a cocky young kid gets his super-powers 15 minutes at a time. I helped him plot out a couple chapters that longtime friend and super-artist Hal will turn into comicbook gold!
I hope to show off some art soon.

Next is great little story called Adorable Murder Bunny!¬†For kicks and giggles, I bought the domain name. The idea came from my youngest boy. The kid is crazy awesome. One day he’ll be in charge of my elder needs.

I’ve gotten some amazing art from the boy and one of my favorite people to inspire me to bring Adorable Murder Bunny to life!
I doubt the story will be as awesome as the art.

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