About Me

Paul Brian DeBerry enjoys all the things you’re not allowed to love today. Foul language, inappropriate Andrew Dice Clay humor, Pornhub and campy over the top storytelling. All those gloriously-terribly awesome things that your mom told you was bad. 

Since being cured of marriage, humanitarian PB DeBerry has become a prolific author of fiction and comic books. He is a pretty darn good letterer, too.

Click the links below to check out some of what PBD has lettered and written.
(Page was updated on 02/04/19)

The Stain: Chapter One by P.B. DeBerry and Mr. Simmons
Waiting For Her to Call by P.B. DeBerry and Mr. Simmons
Mother Fucking SPACE GOAT! by P.B. DeBerry and Mr. Simmons
Milk Run by P.B. DeBerry, Mr. Simmons, and Joe Babon

Memoirs of the Mysterious VOL. 1 
Playthings by P.B. DeBerry, Kelly Williams (Treebeard) and Mr. Simmons
Memoirs of the Mysterious VOL. 2
Loveable by P.B. DeBerry, Tim Rocks, and Mr. Simmons

GrayHaven Comics – Li’l Kaiju
Lil’ Monster by P.B. DeBerry, Steve Musgrave, and Mr. Simmons
GreyHaven Comics – Hey Kids Superheroes
Pinkie Swear
by P.B. DeBerry and Mr. Simmons

Rampaging Monsters Comics
Terra Kaiju 
by Joe Badon, lettered by P.B. DeBerry
The Man With Ten Thousand Eyes by Joe Badon, lettered by P.B. DeBerry

Night Before Xmas by P.B. DeBerry
Enchanted Mayhem: Big Dumb Story by P.B. DeBerry
The Fat Man and Norman by P.B. DeBerry
(Song) Tom Cruise’s Love Song by P.B. DeBerry
Closure by P.B. DeBerry with Joie Simmons
Kyle The Pizza Boy by P.B. DeBerry
(Song) Won’t You by P.B. DeBerry
(Script) Don’t Drink Hulk’s Soda by P.B. DeBerry with art by Joe Badon

Happy Birthday, Asshole! A SPACE GOAT Story by Mr. Simmons
The Legend of Sheriff Paul DeBeardy by Mr. Simmons
Last Damned Standing by Joseph Simmons
The Good Life by Joseph Simmons

I lettered this BOOK!!