Fate is a punch in the balls

A friend said that fate is “anything you can look back on and facepalm yourself for…” I believe that. I mean why shouldn’t I? Fate has brought you here to this post. Fate brought me to this Kevin Costner trailer that compelled me to write this post… about a criminal given the mind of a dead CIA operative with important shit to resolve. Which as fate would have it is very similar to a novel I’ve been tooling around with for the last few months.

Hell if I was to cast my crappy novel — I WOULD CAST COSTNER AND REYNOLDS. Fuck, now that I think about it – all my crappy novels main characters would star one of these guys.

And to add to the fate equation. Criminal logline is is similar to mine (sorta.)

Hoping to stop a diabolical plot, the government implants the memories and skills of a dead CIA operative (Ryan Reynolds) into the mind of a dangerous convict (Kevin Costner). Criminal (2016)

EX con Roddy Karre, is implanted with the memories and skills of a dying assassin, that turned on his handlers to save a little girl that could stop a dangerous crime syndicate. Criminal (2016)

YES! That is right my novel, my crappy novel was going to be called Criminal.

Fate is a bigger bitch than Karma.

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