Happy Motherfucker’s Day

I guess that statement is true. It is mother’s day.

Did you know that Steve Ditko created Squirrel Girl? You did? Why am I the only one that didn’t figure this out? I thought the character was something created within the last few years. Not something created in the early ’90s.

Why do have this interest in Squirrel Girl all of sudden? It’s probably nothing. There has been some interest from a publisher for me to develop a Squirrel Girl-ish story. They are looking for a more adult take on the character. I’ve been beating my brain against a wall trying to finger out an interesting story angle. All I got is this dumb title. CRAZY CAT LADY

NEWS? Once again I have nothing to report. Captain Disco… I think there are only 15 pages left to edit? There has been some movement with the next book. A title and partial outline.
Anyway, I have a couple of marks I am targeting on my calendar. First one is getting ominously close. May 26th… I have to finish DINOS, CHAINSAWS, ASTEROIDS and posted to the site. Should have had it done sooner. Like last month sooner. I don’t know why I haven’t.
Then there is June 30th… another story deadline. I EAT BULLETS and DANG. NO BEAR FIGHT. Both are fully outlined and ready to be written. They are very important parts to the bigger goal of having the April Fool’s book ready for, wait for it … you guessed it! April 1st of next year. Right now I just have to stay on target and not die. I can die later, but not until after April 2nd, 2020…

Dang. No Bear Fight.

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