Here we are, your guts hanging out like a slaughtered pig. You were trying to be some sorta hero and instead now you’re just gonna be another dead asshole. For what? To save some fucking girl. Hey, I get it! The prospects of getting a piece of ass will turn anyone into Mister Invincible. But, now you’re bleeding out and the girl you were trying to save is ironically saving you.

“Will you shut up?” Jon told the Behavioral Artificial Life Self-Aware Computer voice in his head (or Dom — because BALSAC is just too juvenile to type over and over and for me.)

The girl called herself Portland. She was born just another nameless orphan. That didn’t know her real name and Portland seemed like a good name. “Are you dying?” She asked Jon.

“No!” Jon answered. “Liar.” The voice screamed in Jon’s head. Jon hated that voice. He was beginning to wonder if stealing a self aware AI and inserting it into his cranium was a good idea.

“Good. Then get the fuck up.” Portland was a little pissed at her companion. “And help me.”


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