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Hey, Look At Me…

I’ve been busy today and wrote a script for my amusement.

Over my many years of trying and failing. I’ve adopted my own unique scripting style. To me, it’s very clean and simple. To others, it’s an abomination. The goal, the way I see it, is for every script to get its point across to the reader (artist) quickly.

If you can’t explain a panel in a sentence or two. You’re doing it wrong.

Then again… what do I know? I’ve never had anything published other than a couple of vanity comics. 

Then again, again, they say those who can’t teach.

Here’s the script. It’s called Fat Hero and it’s even has a clever little blurb.
A superhero tale about a hero that lost hope, but not his appetite. 

Fat Hero page

Page 1
1/1 Late ’50s (maybe ’60s) setting. A messy-looking newsboy is holding a newspaper. A small desperate crowd stands around him.

He’s yelling, “scientists believe the end is now!! “

1/2 Our hero, is in a bathrobe, grossly overweight. Hasn’t shaved in years. He might have been attractive at one point. His real hero name is long forgotten. He simply is known as “Fat Hero” now. He listens from his balcony overlooking the small crowd watching the newsboy. A beer can and an empty whiskey bottle in each hand.

“Are there any heroes left that can save us from certain doom!” The newsboy continues.

1/3 Fat Hero returns to his room. A stack of pizza boxes (Fun fact: pizza was indeed available in the ’50s) and Chinese food boxes litter Fat Hero small room.

Fat Hero asks out loud, “where did it all go wrong?”

1/4 He holds/picks up a scrap of paper. It triggers a long-buried memory.
With insert image inside the panel.
(Maybe the memories are in black & white?)

1/4a Memory #1: Fat Hero (skinner, Supermanesque looking) standing at a grave holding a young boy’s hand. The grave marker reads: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Always Loved.

1/5 Back from the memory. Standing on the balcony again. A young boy and his father are listening to the newsboy. This triggers another buried memory with Fat Hero.
With insert image inside the panel.

1/5a Memory #2 Fat Hero (looking more like he does in the present. Fat/Broken.) standing alone at a pair of grave markers. The second marker reads Beloved Son.

Page 2

2/1 Fat Hero returns from his memories. Standing on the balcony. With his last remaining hero instinct… Like a fat Superman, he launches himself towards the sky!

2/2 The father, now holding the boy watches in awe as Fat Hero rockets into the clouds.

2/3 He is like a huge fat fireball racing towards a massive looking asteroid shaped like a Hammerhead shark — a sharkeroid!

2/4 He hits the asteroid!! The thing explodes into million pieces…

2/5 Back on earth, the newsboy announces to a huge crowd, “Earth saved!“

2/6 Fat Hero floating. Dead. In the emptiness of space.


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