Hot Take GoT

I’ve been thinking about these upcoming Game of Thrones episodes. The very last two. Everyone wants to know who will sit on the Iron Throne. Like everyone else I have an opinion on who that unlucky bastard will be… ready for a little fan fiction GoT Style.

Arya steals Euron face. Tries to kill Cersei. I say tries because the mountain gets in the way. We get Cleganebowl. They kill each other. Arya is hurt. Not dead. Captured?
Because of the unsullies hot girlfriend losing her head. Dani captures Jamie on his way back to Kings Landing. Plans to execute him but the Imp rescues him.
They return to Kings Landing. They are brought to Cersei. She reveals she has Arya.
At this point. A pissed off Dani launches her attack. But, the bald advisor, the one with his shit cut off. Attempts to kill her. He fails, thanks to Jon. A raven arrives with information that Cersei has Arya. Jon’s true allegiance is revealed to be with team Stark and tries to convince Dani to hold off the attack. Dani says fuck you, I’m taking Kings Landing with or without you. Your sister can suck my dick.
Jon leaves. Rides back to the north.
Meanwhile, the Imp plays the hero again and helps Arya escape.
Jamie kills Cersei.
Dani routs Kings Landing and has the Iron Throne.
Jon’s back at Winterfell. Tells Dark Pheonix, that Arya is being held at Kings Landing.
They gather the army of the north and march on Kings Landing.
Jamie is executed.
Fast travel back to Kings Landing. Dani is mad, she has no one, lost everything, well everything but her dragon. Like a fool, she rides her pet to intercept Jon’s march… when she orders the dragon to roast Jon it refuses or hesitates.
Dani is furious.
Jon walks up to her and the dragon. Calmly soothes the thing and tells Dani she has lost. Bend your knee.
She refuses. Jon has no choice and executes Dani.
The show ends with a beaten Jon sitting on the Iron Throne with the Imp at his side.

Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen is your winner of Game of Thrones.

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