I Ask A Tall Person Comicbook Stuff Vol 1.3

It’s been a few days since the last Ask a Tall Person Comicbook stuff and with the new Star Wars movie out I figured now was a good time.

So, Jyn either had a doll of a Clone Trooper (they who slaughtered the Jedi) or a doll of a Stormtrooper (they who subjugate the galaxy under the boot heel of the Empire). A somewhat questionable toy for a little kid within the fictional narrative of the Star Wars Universe.
Given the timeline, it was more than likely a Stormtrooper, which is odd. Bad parenting.

“Her dad worked for the empire,she probably got it years ago. You fucking try to get a kid to give up a toy, even if you don’t like it.”

I don’t mean to be overly crass, but by gawd there are some stupid, stupid people in the world.

….. *silence*

Did you play with lawn darts as a young lad and would you allow your offspring play with them?

“During the height of the lawn dart craze, my mom got me some lawn darts. Before I could play with them, we were out one day and saw the hospital helicopter land at the local school. We stopped to watch because I really liked fire trucks. The helicopter landed, the rear doors of the ambulance opened and the paramedics pulled out a stretcher. On this stretcher was a boy about my age with his head completely bandaged and a lawn dart sticking out of it. I immediately asked my mom to throw away the lawn darts when we got home.”

Bonus question.
Rogue One? You saw it tell me how you feel about it few days later.

“I liked it, can’t really find any fault. It fairly seamlessly lined up with Star Wars – I went home and watched the beginning of A New Hope on my new 50 inch TV. Really liked Tarkin. Thought Leia looked like a wax figure, then watched Star Wars and realized she really did look like a wax figure. Vader was great! loved seeing his castle. At first surprised that it was on the planet where Obi Wan defeated him and chopped off his arm and legs and the same place where he force choked his wife (almost) to death. Really liked Saw Gerrera. it was a good sequel to the prequels and The Clone Wars TV show and had enough little references to Rebels.”

Well OKAY, more soonish…

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