More… with super tall comicbook guy Joie Simmons.

As a wannabe artist with a large interest in people’s processes, what brush you use when using Manga Studio…
“I use Frenden brushes and DAUB (EDIT: DUAB is a guy apparently and not an actually brush.)  brushes. They’re great, and there are a ton for not a lot of money.”

One of my favorite things about comicbook art is the stripped down, light pencils and thumbnails. Until recently you never really showed an interest in that part. What changed?

“I’ve always done the storyboarding with comics, usually in spiral notebooks. I have dozens with stories started. It wasn’t until recently that I thought, shit, why am I not doing this on the computer and saving a huge step. Storyboarding is my writing process, and I’ve decided that I need to finish the boards before I get into the finished art. And I’d like to do this for other artists, people better than me. It would be great to write comics this way and have another artist do the finished art.”

If you were to ask one dumb fan question to a comicbook icon. What would it be…?

“If I could ask… Or say… One dumb thing to a comic icon, I’d tell Larry Hama how much I loved GI Joe and how issue #50 is one of my all time favorite comics. Then he would mumble something, clearly not give two shits, then move on to the next person while I was standing there.

Oh wait, that really happened. He should have loved me because I had one book to sign and the wanna-be goth asshole in front of me had a full long box of shit to sign.

Can’t blame the guy for being in a bad mood, just wish it would have happened differently.”

ugh,.. .right in the sads. 🙁

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