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IDEA DUMP – Enchanted Mayhem

Kalico is a smart, athletic girl with a HUGE problem. A mad gawd hunter wants her dead. Not only does he want her six feet under, he thinks that she is a gawd, the gawd of mischief LOKI. Okay, OK…. she REALLY is the gawd of mischief, but Kalico is trying to put that life behind her and lead a normal life among the mortals. When her do-gooder stepbrother THOR goes missing, everyone points the finger at her. Alright, you got her again, she did have something to do with his disappearance. But, it wasn’t her fault (entirely), now her stepbrother THOR is a 30lb tabby cat.

Thankfully she has friends in high places, one particular friend a powerful mortal by the name of Rick Kingdom, a drunk ex-supreme wizard. That might be able to help fix things, that is if she can convince him to save the Earth one last time.

ENCHANTED MAYHEM follows Lindsey, a tabby cat named Thor and ex-wizard supreme named Rick.

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