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It all started when my #1 fan Mr. Simmons came up with one of his many brilliant ideas. Of course being the awesome terrible friend that I am; I ignored the fantastic story idea he crafted and latched onto two wonderful words: Bastard Asteroid. I loved it. I need more. I needed to know more about this story. So I did what any good friend would do; I asked him if I could have it. Mr. Simmons being the graces friend humanitarian he is said; “No! Stop bothering me you A-hole!” Undeterred by this setback and like all great writers (stop laughing) I borrowed what I liked about his idea and I set out to write a story about this Bastard Asteroid.

Earth astronaut Tripp Kelley is lost in space. Stranded in a far, far away galaxy. He is the only one of his kind. A freak amongst a galaxy full of freaks. Exposure to the twin suns within the galaxy has given him nigh-invulnerability, superhuman abilities and immunity to alcohol. BASTURD ASTRONAUT

Funny thing happened on the way to writing this best selling, epic disaster porn. Something that I’ve sorely missed. No it wasn’t my heart. It was an idea nugget!!! It was beautiful. Unsure what I should do with this idea nugget. I went to my main inspiration Mr. Simmons, a bottomless pit of awesome ideas, he bestowed upon me his wisdom; “I just changed my number! How do you keep getting it? F’ me”

Of course! Persistence. That persistence lead to the story of Tripp Kelley the Basturd Astronaut. I hope.


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