I’m a Hoarder

I live a normal clutter-free existence. If I don’t use it within 90 days. I throw it away or more commonly give it away. I don’t like things. Especially things that take up space or make it difficult to abandon a place within a few short hours.
But, the title of this post makes it seem like you’re confessing to being a hoarder. Well, I am just not a hoarder of things. I hoard ideas and half-written stories.
I have over 3 gigs of half-written stories and ideas sitting in Google Docs. Thinking about it breaks my heart.

Every couple of months I try to go through and cull the flock. I may find one or two things that can be deleted.

Now that I think about it… I think I am a hoarder of dot coms and digital video games, too! I hope the internet never gets wiped out.

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