Angry Mohawk

I’ve Been Triggered

What triggered you Beerdywon? That stupid meme…memes can be so frustrating sometimes.

1: Will never happen.
2: and 2 will sure as fuck never happen.

Devil’s Advocate. Let’s play the game. Bloomberg is elected. After a lengthy fight with the House and Congress Bloomberg commits political suicide and gets his ban on “assault” rifles. (I roll my eyes every time someones uses assault in front of rifle. Especially when it’s from someone I feel should know better.) Anyway, this is not that fight.
This fight is about a harmless meme that triggered me.
Any sorta ban on rifles or firearms… read my words — WILL. NEVER, HAPPEN.
I know, I know, the scary politician tells me they are going to take my lifetime supply of murder sticks. You can all say… buttt, how do you know you fucking snowflake? The scary politicians tell me every fucking ten seconds they are. I’m glad you asked. It literally says right in the constitution…” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Yes. Sadly there will be crazies that will try. However, to miss quote a famous scholar. “You ask the impossible.” Luke Skywalker.
Luke knows his shit, He knows that no one in our lifetime or our great, great grandbabies lifetime will evah have the backing to ban “assault” rifles. Buttttt, this, this and this, okay, sure the sky looks like it’s falling chicken little. But, you’re missing one very important fact in all this. In your furer to hang everyone that wants to take your right to bar arms. You forget everything you read or hear is to get your views. To create memes like this one.

This next statement is laughable. No one is leaving their jobs behind. Abandoning their homes. Packing up their kids to be part of any insurgent. No. One. Not you. Not the next guy and sure the fuck not even *Keith.

*The name Keith is used similar to the way Karen is used.
** Epstein didn’t commit suicide

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