Kyle the Pizza Boy (350)

Kyle the Pizza Boy hated coming to 124 Archer Court. There was lots of valid reason why. The Clintons were terrible tippers. They almost always complained that there was something wrong with the order. If that happened they would demand to speak with the owner. Stan of Stan’s Best Pizza prided himself on having the best pizza in town and his perfect customer rating on Yelp. Kyle let the Clintons make that call one evening. Stan answered the call immediately and was very apologetic that his service wasn’t the best. The Clintons ate for free for a whole week and Kyle was stuck cleaning the grease traps for a month. Kyle was a quick learner. Ultimately if the order was messed up. Kyle would offer to give them the order at a discount, which really meant it would come out of Kyle’s paycheck at the end of the night. The Clintons were the worse. Bad as they were, it wasn’t any of those reasons he hated coming to 124 Archer Court.

Nope. Kyle the Pizza Boy hated coming to 124 Archer Court because it meant crossing into a “Fang” free zone. Being a fanger, an undead ghoul, a blood-sucking vampire made it a very difficult journey. Luckily for Kyle, before becoming a creature of the night, he would spend endless hours skateboarding up and down the streets. He knew all the back roads and alleys.

Kyle stood in front of 124 Archer Court. He gave quick peek into the heating bag one more time to make sure everything look good. “OK.” He said.

“We are almost done stomach. One more stop.” Grooowl. Kyle stomach unhappily answered.

Kyle had managed to avoid the nightly patrols completely. Which was a good thing. He was getting hungry and he didn’t want to explain to Stan (who always knew when he feed while delivering) he ate someone. Kyle knocked on the door, his stomach was growling louder.

“Who is it?” Came the call from the other side of the door.


“About damn time!” The door opened. Standing there was Betty Clinton. She was old.

“Well what are you waiting for, come in.”

Kyle the Pizza Boy smiled and closed the door behind him.

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