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Elizabeth Rake, The Amazing Ray kneeled in a mud puddle. She was covered in shit and mud. Her left eye was nearly closed shut from the beating she had taken. She was a tough son of a bitch. She had been in a lot of near-death situations. None like this one.

Pulling herself out of the filth, her leg busted, cracked eye socket, internal bleeding, she could heal if she had time, something Elizabeth, foe refused to give her.

The tall hero looked to the sky, searching for the sun, but it was nowhere, Occult saw to that when she blanketed the Earth in a spell of eternal darkness.

“Help!” Came a muffled cry from a distance.

Elizabeth could hear a lot of cries for help. The fight with Occult left a lot of people in a dire situation. She was doing everything possible, holding off the assault, saving as many people as she could. Elizabeth knew that she wouldn’t be able to continue to do both for much longer.

*Meanwhile … sometimes there will be a beginning, sometimes a middle and an ending. Most of the time it’ll just be buncha words.

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