Mental Check-Up

Hello from the middle of nowhere or as I like to call it Home Plate.

My wellness score out of a 100 sits at 71. After being sick nearly all of January I will happily take it. The boy and his sister start February vacation officially Monday. The boy got a bit of a head start on his vacation. Friday he stayed home. The poor little bastard still hasn’t recovered fully from the “Disgusting Medieval Plague.” The same plague that dogged me all of January refuses to let the little bastard out of its icy death grips.

With all the snow nearly gone and despite that stupid groundhogs prediction of another six weeks of winter. I am excited to get back into my regular regimen of fishing, basketball and prepping my body for the upcoming Farie season. I ain’t getting any younger and humping kegs around at the age of 48 isn’t getting any easier.

Mr.Simmons is hard at work on The Stain among other amazing things and I am loving every new page update. I find it hard not sharing. (Ah fuck it! New page below.) I am very, very basis, obviously, but I think it’s his third best work to date.

page 8 The Stain
(f)art by Mr. Simmons

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