My Pain Has a Name and it is Batman

Pain sucks. It hurts. It ruins lives. No sane person likes pain. There is hundreds of different types of pains. Each just as difficult as the next. To some stubbing your toe is just as painful as discovering your wife has cheated on you.

When you’re in a hospital doctors want you to give a number to your pain. They ask you on a level 1 to 10 “how much pain are you in?”

Well I think that’s fine and dandy but boring. I’ve reinvented the wheel here come up with my own pain index. It’s simple and visual. Instead of numbers it’s “which movie Batman are you?”

Adam West = No pain at all

Val Kilmer = Some pain

Michael Keaton = I wouldn’t say no to pain meds

Ben Affleck = Pain meds have worn off! 

George Clooney =I NEED MORE STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian Bale = How the fuck am I still alive?!!!

There you have it; much simpler way to describe your pain and more fun!

My life mate Mr. Simmons has created these amazing comicbook templates just for you. They will speed up your workflow and make your comicbook creating job super simple and less painful.

Check them out below.


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