Predictions! I Have Them…

The Rise of Skywalker teaser dropped yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet — Sweet Moses Malone! What’s wrong with you?

This isn’t a breakdown of the teaser. It’s simply an original character body count prediction. That will be zero. Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca all make it to the end of the movie. Nuff said. Their character deaths don’t help the plot. Leia doesn’t have to die. Because she passed away. They’re not going to kill Lando or Chewie. OG body will be zero.

The theory I’ve had since Return of the Jedi is that Palpatine isn’t dead. WHAT? That’s ridiculous. Well if you had watched the teaser or read Dark Horses: Dark Empire. You would have heard what sounded like Palpatine laughing and known that the theory that Palpatine was alive has floated around for buncha years. With the teaser it sounds like it might be true. If that’s true… If that is true. Then my crazy Return of the Jedi theory has a chance to be true. Yes!

To be clear. I am not suggesting the original Palpatine is alive or that he is a clone. The comicbooks suggest he could transfer his spirit to clones willy-nilly. I am saying that his crazy evil force spirit is alive. Searching for a perfect host body. A very specific body. Someone like a fully turned Luke Skywalker. Healthy Anakin Skywalker. Ben Solo…..

What if…? What Palpatine said was true? “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.” [INSERT Wicked laughing!]
Palpatine knew he was going to die. Saw this and assumed that it would be Luke that killed him. Force visions are tricky to interpret. Ask Luke. Palpatine undoubtedly thought Luke would kill him. This act would turn Luke fully to the dark side. Leaving Luke open for Palpatine. We all saw Return of the Jedi and know that didn’t happen. Vadar killed Palpatine. Vadar’s body was wrecked and Luke was officially closed to him. Palpatine spirit was forced to find another. Hello, Snoke!

Snoke was the perfect temporary host for Palpatine. Thanks to Han and Leia getting busy they gave Palpatine the perfect permanent host – Ben Solo.

That’s my crazy theory. I’m 100% sure none of it will be true… BUTT, you can bet if the smallest of details comes true — I’M suing. I mean, Im taking credit for calling it.

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