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Quarantine Hasn’t Changed Me

Look at me updating my online hub.

It’s not really an update. I don’t have anything interesting going on. I’m always searching for that “white whale” story. The one I can finish beginning to end. I wrote a couple of comic-book scripts.
That was fun.
One of them was actually drawn!
That is also exciting.
I’ll probably post it here shortly.
For now, here is the “cover” to that comic.

art by dario carrasco jr

Don’t expect much. It might get published in an anniversary issue. One more thing that you shouldn’t expect too much from. I bought another dot com… this one is IMMORTAL FRANKENSTEIN. Sounds like it would be an interesting book title. I had a nugget of an idea and it was available.

If I can stay on target. Maybe this quarantine WILL change me.

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