Rambling from the a-hole

Hello once again from deep within the hole!

This little mental check in update is a day late. No real reason for lateness other than hanging with the little one and finishing of Resident Evil 7. Fun game with a lot of jump scares. There is some interesting DLC that I’d like to give a try so, I might return the game.

Over the weekend saw Kong: Skull Island good movie with lots of interesting ideas. This movie really has nothing to do with the 1933 original or the most recent Peter Jackson movie. The story is really a hard reboot that introduce Kong and other monsters to the world. Stay for the end credits. Little teaser stuff that should get Godzilla fans excited.

I’m a few hundred words (I know that’s not a lot!) into my Tanks vs Monsters idea. (Still no real title.) I’m really trying to flesh out the main character. I’ve bullet pointed the story and have a great idea where things are intend to happen. Other than the title, who the main character should be is still unclear. The original idea was that the stories main character was a little girl that has some sort of connection with the monsters. (Then Marvel published Monsters Unleashed making) shift gears towards the commander of the tank. Sorta have a dark no nonsense action story. Thanks to my pal Mr. Simmons┬áthe story is a lot closer to my writing style. Stupid and nonsensical.


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