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(Script) Don’t Drink Hulk’s Soda

I don’t get to write comicbook scripts as much as I would like. In my more ambitious younger naive years I would search the internet for interesting images and write a story around that image.
When the enormously talented Joe Badon shared an image of a dismembered Deadpool. I had to know what the fuck happened to my favorite Merc With a Mouth. 

(The image in question can be found at link above and after you read the script)


Page One

1 Avengers Towers. Nice summer day. Birds flying. Happiness in the air.

2 Interior of Avengers Tower. The cafeteria of Avengers tower is huge. It’s crowded with past and current Avengers. Everyone is buzzing about daily life.

3 Corner of the cafeteria is a row of fridges. Leaning against one is Deadpool. He’s drinking a can of soda.
A note on the fridges says; Please. Do not eat food that doesn’t belong to you.

Page Two

4 Bruce Banner walks up to one of the fridges. Notices Deadpool drinking a soda.

DPool – Hey. Doc.

5 Bruce scans the soda Deadpool is drinking. A post-it-note with Bruce’s name is still on it.

Dr. Banner – Is that my soda.

6 Deadpool wipes his chin.

DPool – Nope.

7 Deadpool tosses the can at a trash barrel. It hits off the edge and clanks to the floor.

8 The post-it with Bruce’s name hits the floor separate from the can.

Page Three

9 Just like in the 1978 Hulk TV show… Bruce’s eyes start to turn green with rage.

10 Bruce is hulked out and standing, towering over Deadpool.

11 Deadpool is holding a lunch bag. Chewing on something. Written on the bag; Clint Barton. Touch it die!

DPool – Heyyy, big fella. What’s wrong?

12 Hulk gets in Deadpool face and screams.


Page Four

13 ….

Moments Later….

Art by Joe Badon
Art by Joe Badon

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