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Superman Year One: Honest Review

The man, the legend, the breakers of the interweb Angry Mohawk Guy… tells you how terrible Superman Year One is!

Here’s his honest review…

I’m a big Frank Miller fan! But two books into Superman Year One and this is an awful story. The writing style is good, like the Man Without Fear, but every page of this thing is just bad.

Clark gets thrown out of the navy seals and goes to Atlantis to find a mermaid. Poseidon won’t let Clark have his daughter because he plans to marry and fuck her and unleashes a Kraken on Clark. Oh and between panels, he suddenly has his Superman suit for no reason before the fight.
And if I made that sound the least bit interesting, it’s not…

The fucking book keeps getting worse!
Luthor shows up on a page, out of nowhere. Next page he and supes are talking like there are 10 pages missing.

So you got this story. Big hostage situation at Lexcorp. Bad guys, Superman goes in there and kind of does stuff. Luthor appears out of nowhere.
Book 3 and this is the first time he’s seen or mentioned and the next page he and supes are talking like they have been enemies for years this is all after book 1 where Supes is a bullied kid who turns on the bullies but it “Called to the ocean” joins the navy seals and meets and helps mermaids gets kicked out of the seals for being too strong and kind of a rogue goes back to Atlantis to get the mermaid girl. But Poseidon won’t have it because he wants to marry and fuck her (his daughter) terrible fight with a Kraken. Superman becomes king of Atlantis in book 3, Atlantis so far is forgotten. I’m sure it will come back somehow oh and with the mermaid girl, Clark is underwater in regular clothes. He has the red cape from his mom in his bag. It’s time to meet Poseidon, he comes out in full Superman costume makes no sense this whole thing is a giant nightmare of a mess even Romita JR kind of sucks on it Danny Miki is not a good inker for him looks like shit even the John Workman letters, who is one of my favorite letterers, kind of stinks it’s like the comic book gods said, let’s take three of the best comic creators, put them on the most famous superhero in the world… and have them be the worst they’ve ever been.

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