Tanks and Gigantic Monsters

Hello from deep within the hole…

This week was spent writing about tanks, gigantic monster, playing video games and building legos. I’ve had this idea floating around my brain pan for a few years. Apocalyptic world of giant Kaiju and a tank that kills them. It just lingers on the outskirts of all my other lost ideas. Mocking me. With most of my other p, brain ideas they sooner or later just say fuck it and hop into the lost ideas bin, only to be found again as a small part of another dumb idea. This one just stares back at me, along with Frankie Does, and a weird idea where Santa is being hunted by monsters. Maybe one day… or like the others they will say fuck it and give up.

It’s been an awesome last few weeks to be playing video games. Resident Evil 7, For Honor, Sniper Elite 4, Nioh and Horizon: Zero Dawn. My sleep is taking a huge hit.

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