The Restroom, part 7


THE RESTROOM, by Joseph Simmons
Part 7


Sam’s entire body spasmed with fear when something fell from the ceiling onto the floor. He knew right away it was the sticky thing, whatever it was. It fell with a heavy, wet thud, then another as if the front had fallen first and the rear had followed. The last sound it made was a plop. Not as heavy and Sam knew the entire thing had fallen through.

“Sam, what was that? Something just fell out of the ceiling right in front of me and I can’t see it.”

When he backed into the wall, Sam jumped again. He hadn’t realized that he stepped backwards when he heard the noise. Noise, it’s all noise, Sam thought. I can’t see a fucking thing in here.

“Sounded heavy,” Sam said. His voice was less than a whisper. He hadn’t been afraid of the dark since he was a boy, but feelings of terror were creeping in all around him.

“What?” Carl said. “What? Sam, you say something?”

Sam coughed to coax his voice, convince it to rise in the dark. “I said whatever it was, it sounded heavy.”

“Whatever it is, it’s hot,” Carl said. “I still can’t see shit, but I can feel the heat off of it. I think it’s in front of me. How are we going to get out of here? That thing sounded huge.”

I’m no handyman, Sam thought. If my brother was here, he’d probably know what just fell out of the ceiling. He’d also know why the power was out. He’d also be taking his shit and having a good, long conversation with Carl and becoming best friends.

Carl yelped again. Sam felt heat on his eyes as they opened wide in the pitch black. No air was moving in the restroom and the temperature was rising by the minute.


“What is that?” Carl said. Then he let out a short, shrill scream.

Sam took a long step to the other side of the stall, his heart about to vibrate out of his chest with fear, and put both hands on the stall wall. “Carl? What are you doing over there?”

Carl screamed again. “Something on my leg! Oh God, there’s something crawling up my leg, Sam!”

“No, that’s not possible,” Sam said, “Come on, Carl, you’re imagining things, going crazy in the dark. Calm down.”

Sam’s hands gripped at the stall’s wall as he heard Carl scream and begin slapping at the walls and the urinals. The man was making noises that couldn’t make sense and was thrashing around. A urinal flushed and Sam heard Carl’s body hit the ground.

“What are these things?” Carl screamed, a sound Sam had never heard from a grown man before. “Stop! No stop!”

Oh, shit, Sam thought, what is this? He backed away from the wall with short, careful steps. When the wall on the other side pressed against his back, it gave him no comfort. I need to help him. He remembered his watch, the fitness watch. The damn thing lit up every time he turned his wrist. He brought his arm up and nothing. Carl screamed again and Sam’s fingers shook as he pressed the side button with his finger. My watch is dead.


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