The Restroom, part 9


THE RESTROOM, by Joseph Simmons
Part 9


Sam shivered with fear, an uncontrollable violent shaking through his neck and chest and arms. The air was getting stale and he could hear the thing sticking to the floor and the walls around. He stared into the black and listened and knew that the thing was filling his handicapped stall.

His legs jumped and he nearly fell over when a hot, wet thing touched the skin of his leg. It felt like warm putty or a large slug. He nearly kicked at it when a larger slug-thing gripped his other ankle. Sam gritted his teeth and tried not to scream as his leg hairs were pulled out by the sticky thing moving up his leg.

He didn’t feel the second one until it was on his calf and he screamed. He tried to move or run, or something, anything, but the one on his other foot had him stuck to the floor.

As the thing slithered up his leg, Sam didn’t know if he should try to smack at it. It got warmer and thicker and heavier as it made its way up, pulling at his skin and yanking out the hairs with its body. The impossibility of the situation had overridden any survival instincts, and he was afraid of making the thing angry. Sam didn’t want to die screaming like Carl.

The shivering in his neck and arms made his teeth chatter as the now-large thing made its way into the crotch of his pants. The warm slug thing pressed itself into Sam’s genitals and he clawed at the wall so he wouldn’t double over.

When it grew and wrapped itself around Sam’s thighs and squeezed him by the cock and balls, Sam finally screamed. It squeezed and pulled and twisted and he screamed in pain and screamed again hoping someone would hear and barge in. No amount of screaming was making the pain go away. Sam knew he was going to die, the same way he knew Carl was dead but he needed someone to see the thing that had killed them.

He fell to the ground. His knees landed on something hot and sunk into something not quite hard. He could feel the mass of something in front of him and didn’t understand how the room could be so dark. His eyes were full of tears and he took a deep breath and opened his mouth to scream again and a thick tentacle stopped him. As his mouth was open, it darted into his mouth and he could feel it forming itself into a tiny point and begin to go down his throat.

The thing squeezed him between his legs as he gagged. Sam’s face burned with hot tears and the thing jerked him by the crotch towards it. His body buckled but stayed upright from the tentacle-thing in his mouth and throat and sliding into his stomach. It was holding him up, keeping his head looking forward.

With the first electric-blue flash, Sam saw a semi-transparent lump that had filled his stall. The flash opened his eyes and brought on a new level of terror. The room went black once again and he no longer needed his imagination to scare him.

The second flash was brighter. It flickered from blue to white and Sam saw the whole thing. A mass of thick goo that filled the entire stall. As far as he could see, it filled most of the restroom. The lights flickered from inside the thing and cast translucent shadows in every direction.

Before the last flash, Sam saw Carl. Deep inside the thing, in its body that had yet to travel through the open stall door was Carl’s decaying corpse. When the room flashed white, Sam saw his coworker’s skull and eyes. His skin was dissolving into the slime and putty body of the thing. Puffs of scalp and hair were floating around his head. Blood was being absorbed into the monster and disappearing.

Sam desperately wanted to beg for his life when the room went black. The thing was squeezed again and the pain was immense. He could feel his stomach beginning to bulge where the thing inside him was expanding.

It flashed again and twisted Sam’s head to ensure he was looking forward. The blue and white lights flashed as if they were excited and anxious. They flickered faster and faster, impatient. A mouth rose and formed as the thing pulled Sam’s head. Bright, eager, hungry light filled the room.

Then it picked Sam up by the head and crotch and slammed him into the wall. The restroom went dark again and he didn’t understand anything. He knew, he just knew, the thing was going to spare him. Yes, it had eaten enough with Carl and had scared him and was going to let him live.

He saw the light again as the thing slammed its full mass into him. He heard the drywall crush in behind him as his body was hit. He felt boards from the wall frame break and dig into his skin.

The flickering light became a blur when he was inside of it.

He couldn’t scream with the thing down his throat and in his belly. The restroom went dark again as he felt the horrible pain of his own skin begin to dissolve.

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