The Stain that stains or I like taglines.

I love writing tags, taglines, log lines! Whatever the fuck they are called. I could write them all day long. Best thing about writing. This little gem below is one of those back cover thingies. It might be for something. It probably will… anyway, my pal Mr. Simmons is a big sucker and tricked him into doing a few layouts. Those are also below…

Imagine you’ve spent your entire life in and out of jail. Everyday someone new took a shit on your head. Always wondering when that bullet will find the back of your head. One mistake after another. Leads to you knocking up a hooker. That mistake becomes that perfect moment. For ten years that moment lasts. Until that bullet finally finds you and more importantly that one perfect thing is now a fucking bloody stain.

Imagine now you’re dead. Helpless. Stuck forever in limbo. Endlessly reminded of that one perfect thing. A stain on a tie.

Manny Oakland was a really nice guy. Dead he’s a fucking nightmare.

The Stain


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