Trump DEFINITELY is Your President

Like it or not.

It had nothing to do with Russia, or Bernie running against Hillary, or what Hillary knew about Benghazi or missing emails.

It was because of You… You would rather take your opinion to social media rather than where your opinion would matter most. The real world. You made internet meme a humorous way to express your feelings rather than actually expressing your feelings. It was because You made second hand smoke a thing. Caitlyn Jenner. What bathroom to use? A political issue. You would rather coddle your children and give them participation awards rather than teach them about healthy competition. Because You took peanut butter out of schools. You took bullying out of schools but let it become a thing on the internet. You made it easier for hate crimes with your labeling of others. You made it impossible to have an opinion other than yours or whatever the Nightly News was telling You. You made it Us against Them rather We are all One. You are showing the same hate and disrespect as was thrown against Our last President.¬†You offer no solutions other than your “clever” tweets of a 140 letters. You offer the same old bullshit rhetoric as the last hater of the other guy.

You are ALL saying the same thing yet, You let him win…

Like it or not.

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