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Bob Seger famously sang Here I go… It’s time for an update. Last week was a lot of fun. I mostly lodge lizard around the house while on vacation. In reality, I didn’t get much done in the way of writing. But, I honestly feel good with the way things have been going. (Hope the Ex doesn’t hear me, say that.) Anyway, enough about me…

The Restroom (you can read the completed story here) was a huge success by my standards. Of course, it was all thanks to, Joesph Simmons (he likes to be called Joesph when he writes. He’s a big shot you know.) Joie really knocked The Restroom out of the park. It pisses me off how talented he is and only a lucky handful know this.

Captain Disco I’m told isn’t done. I kinda overhyped it’s arrival a few months back. It’s all about the long game. So, I am definitely not complaining. The story would have been nothing without, Joie.
He can take all the time he needs to finish the edits and get the book in my stupid hands. It will definitely be available digitally on every platform. Similar to the way The Restroom is out right now. But, for me, the goal for Captain Disco: A New Disco is paperback or bust. It’s very, very exciting. For sure. I’m really kicking myself for not buying an ISBN code.

Updates on a couple of things; Dino’s, Chainsaws, Asteroids… I can say that it’s probably dead for now. I SAID FOR NOW! You can read what I wrote here… I really dig the idea of Happy Sawyer; a chainsaw-wielding superhero that jumps around the multiverse fighting or helping different versions of himself. I need to think more, let the last bit of the story percolate more. While DCA percolates, I have a couple of other things; I EAT BULLETS, this one is a weird western and HOOKS AND YU (say that fast) this one is another weird idea. Think Doctor Strange meets Daredevil.

I’m still not Batman


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