Well Hello…

It was the big Five-Oh for your friend here a few days back. Not much of a birthday guy (maybe I was at one point.). Now it’s just nice to be still moving.

Still working on the Captain Disco book. The April Fool’s book is creeping right along. At my current pace of writing or even sitting down to write is pathetic.

I’m still trying to figure out a routine. A sit-in-front-of-the-fucking-keyboard-and-just-type-till my-damn-fingers-fall-off routine. I’ve tried hundreds of How-To Books (man, I fucking hate How-To Books.) I just don’t know how to wrap my broken brain around advice. Which would explain a lot about my existence?

I joked the other day that I should write a How-To Book. Could call it How-To Write If You’re A Lazy Moron? Fill it with stupid shit; the best time of day to take a nap. Random top ten lists. Just fill the thing with a buncha bullcrap. Seems like a good idea. My luck the book would sell millions.

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