Where’s The Subtitles? I No Understand.

Hello from within the ahole! I am once again your ahole captain.

I want to start with some cartoons… watched Rebels, haven’t been much of a fan of the show, still not, but needed to watch Obi Wan/Maul #2 it was a short fight as I figured it would and I loved the episode, it makes me interested in how they deal (hopefully kill) Ezra.

Samurai Jack started up last week, episode #1 was a meh start to the show, same old Jack, the show is definitely headed in the right direction I’m happy it’s on Adult Swim. Edit; I watched episode #2 and it was badass, at the end of episode #1 these assassins where sent to kill Jack, one of them caught Jack and the pair fought, Jack won and killed the assassin. No big deal right, he’s done this before… well this time that assassin was a human girl, a very young human girl. Jack is Back!

Anyway… Another week and things are fine. I’ve hunkered into “Tanks and Giant Monsters” (worst title evah) and upped the word count to three hundred? At this rate I should hit six hundred words around the year 2050 give or take a few years. In my defense (okay, I have no defense) “Do. Or do not…” as that green skinned swamp goblin enjoys telling me over, and over in my brain. So, I DO a couple words at a time…

Not much art or creating coming out of the Big Pants factory… that is until I apparently “challenged” Mister Simmons on something he couldn’t draw. Space Cops with lego powers.

What did he do? He Drew it… what an asshole! :/

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